The Path To A CMS (Part 3)

Alright! So I managed to complete the article module as well as the theme module! The theme module will be able to load any theme given that it’s properly configured as I said in my previous post. Other than that I have made a default template for it which is even responsive (yay!). I’ll be completing the template along the rest of the completion of the CMS. So far that’s left is the design, admin panel and the articles page. The articles page shouldn’t take long. I would be needing to implementing a url parser for that, which reminds me! I managed to implement pretty urls for the pages after a thirty minute struggle on how to fix the broken style sheets and index links.

Unlike my prototype articles class, this one loads directly from a database using mysqli.
And stores the articles that are to be shown on the page in a public array, which can be called in the index page after calling the Articles Class. Doing this serves that you’d be able to use in any theme you add wherever.

Your CMS’s design looks quite familiar to the one you’re using on WordPress.
hahaha, what? Nonsense. >.>


Portfolio Update

Well, it has been a while since my last update due to some unforeseen circumstances (laptop got #rekt lol). This shall be my first update since then. The way my portfolio was currently was the epitome of a mess. Fonts lingering over 3~ MB in download size which were killing the user’s bandwidth as well as some parts of the design being a bit off. And of course, some backhand left un-done.

In the time being of a few hours I managed to re-gift the portfolio a sense of design and patched up some ends. I still haven’t worked on the administration panel, but who cares about that, it’s not like anyone else other than me requires it.

Some design changes included the navigational area as well as the fixed avatar of myself I had. That and the introduction area. I removed that and added a context of my awesome name with a crap ton of padding plus a slide down link towards the portfolio.


The portfolio was already almost finished last time. This time I just added a better download backhand to keep track of download hits as well as the counter showing in on the button. The icons are now to the left of the text.


The ‘About Me’ section is pretty much the same, except I increased the percentage in my visual skill set levels. lawl

Other than that I pondered a good 20 minutes on the submit button for the contact area. The button style was making me cringe so I suppose this one might as well be ‘The One’ currently…hopefully.

I suppose that’s it.
Oh, did I mention I got a new theme for Sublime Text? I swear this makes everything I write significantly even more beautiful. *~*