the beginning.

I’ve finally got my own domain registered. It’s I’m still using freehost, just linked the name-servers. I wouldn’t need more for my own portfolio so a freehost works well.

I’ve done some updates. The website is now more interactive. Every single effect, apart from the fade-ins in the intro-panel at the top is done with pure CSS3, especially the new Project Viewer. CSS3 animation transitions are epic and I’m currently doing my work around with them.

For example, this is the header on hover. Those are two borders wrapped around the “r” and “f”. And the “” expand on hover as well. There are some alpha transitions as well. I did experiment around and this was the final result that looked appealing. It’s only available on the desktop mode however.

Here is the new projects viewer. The background of the boxes is the average color extracted from the image itself. On hover it displays the preview and download links(if there are any). The transition effect itself is pretty slick. I’ve been working with rotated boxes transformed boxes for it.
The old project viewer is still available as well. You can choose which one you’d wish to use from the little button on the top right of the project viewer. It was a bit of a hassle but I managed to get it done in pure CSS3. The new project viewer is default on desktops. However the old project viewer is the default and only one available on tablets. It’s a bit different for phones tho. The phone version has a horizontal slider for it. It’s a minimized version of the new project viewer.

I’ve minimalised the “about me” context a bit more. Although I’ve not shown most of the skillsets here but I’m planning to replace it with doughnut charts instead. It’d rather look more appealing. I’ll do that with CSS3 transform too.

The contact section has minor changes. I’ve changed the “You can only contact me once per day” text to the following with a link to my email if you press it so. The only reason for this is because since I’m getting host on a free account, the limit for daily directly emailing someone is around 15. And abusing it results in an account lockdown. Therefore I had to resort to putting up a database for it. After doing so I was met by bot advertisement spams so I decided to further lock it down. And I haven’t gotten a single bot message since then. So I’ve got that thing going for me. o.x

This is fairly pretty much it for now. I’m working on a few other client projects so I’ll update on those when I’m done with them.

the #hype for my own domain. yaaaaayyyyyyyyy. ;0