Enter Portfolio

I’ve had this project almost completed sitting in my hard drive since the past few months. All I had left was the mobile responsivity to do so I decided to wrap this up and we are with a hastily done cover photo to show you what it’s made of. Please spare me regrading how bad it is. I suck at GIMP/Photoshop stuff. Couldn’t do more than grab a few mockups, print screen and crop&resize the pictures in. Damn, that’s shameful. I’ll be using these types of shameful mockups in the future as well, please bare it until I level up or something.


I’ve been re-working my website since the past week. Re-did the front & back end. Got really creative. No. Not with the design, with the code. Makes me question myself at times but Object orientated programming can turn into a muck if you get too creative. The design is almost the same thing except with a css based grid & better responsivity. While re-doing the – wait this post isn’t about my website. :/


Ehm – I made a design which was downloadable with my lacking skills called last year. It was called “Portfolio”. It was honestly shit. But that shit has now turned into something beautiful. Because this is Portfolio *Remastered*. In the eyes of the professionals this might be shit too but according to my eyes in this plain of the 5th dimensional layer, this looks great for public release.

And so, while I flick a tear off, I announce my very first “professional” public HTML5 template which can be used by anyone & anywhere. The only copyrights its got other than mines are the awesome stock photos, an awesome font & the fontawesome (that’s actually the name of the icon set, so no punwun intended).


Portfolio is a possible design for the photographers, artists, designers (and so on) out there. It has three different types of “boxes” in the ‘Recent Works’ container. I pulled out a few sketches on this one and this seemed by far the best design. They’re usually called “Cards”. It’s a known concept design that I’d love to integrate.

Anyways, I might release another design one day which would be of the same concept but with a more minimalistic design (the ideas spurring are endless!).


Release? Very very soon! It’ll be the first design post once I finish the new projects container on my website.

Free? Ofcourse. You’ll be able to directly view or download it.


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