CS2D – Released Stats:Extract 0.3

I haven’t talked about what Stats:Extract is here before. So I’ll introduce it first. S:E, in short, is a PHP library that’s used to parse cs2d’s serverstats.html file & decode&parse cs2d’s userstats.dat file.

CS2D (http://cs2d.com) servers generate a statistic html page which has the design equivalent to a potato and henceforth this parses the data from it so any web developer would be able to implement it into his own design. The servers also have a userstats.dat which holds player rankings in ENDIAN coded format so it decodes that as well. But that’s not all! It even has the ability to get any server’s real-time data.

The recent update comes with bug fixes, script optimizations and changes. There is nothing now although. It’s been about half a year since the last update and I have a few more plans for the script till  I put it in it’s final state.

The download: http://www.unrealsoftware.de/files_show.php?file=16081
The Github: https://github.com/irfan-dahir/stats-extract

And finally, a demo to summarize its potential: http://irfandahir.com/stats-extract/