Portfolio Redesign

Recently redesigned the portfolio leaving behind the design blueprint I’ve had been following with 27% of the page following you down as a nav. It’s more of a flat design now with “flat colors” in the palette.

The design is something of flat and of using google’s material “card” design for the portfolio elements.


It’s got added responsiveness, although there’s some minor issues here and there which I should be fixing when I can. Oh, and I’ll be adding a resume page (will need to research the proper design for it) and a personal blog. Yes, I do have this one however I’m looking forward to a more brief, professional and public one.

So by the time this post is posted, the new design should be up live unless I’ve delayed it yet another week (delayed it previous week for polishing + responsivity). And when it does my first public html/css design, “Portfolio”, should be available.


As for the backhand I’ve got some self-made retarded “MVC” PHP OOP running, which I should be replacing in the future with a proper MVC (Model View Controller) backhand.

I’ve got to say, I am pretty satisfied with this design for now.