10 Days Web Design Challenge – December 2017

As I slowly find myself within the pleasant grasps of winter holidays, I come to realize that I have become rusty in web designing and there’s still yet a lot more to learn. And therefore, I challenge myself to a 10 day web design challenge.

10 days might not be a lot, but it’s a starting point.


  • Every day I must design and code something.
  • I can inspire from other designs.
  • I must do so using Flexbox & CSS Grid technologies.
  • It can be website components or pages or an entire package
  • Challenge ends on January, the 2nd; meaning I’ll be starting on the 24th of December


  • I will come to par with latest CSS technologies
  • I will have more stuff for my portfolio
  • I’ll have a clear view of my abilities and time management for projects


So, what do I have planned for tomorrow?



No idea.






Update: Unfortunately due to lack of time and unforseen circumstances, wasn’t able to complete this challenge! I leave it at Day 5 and may restart the challenge with a higher goal next time!




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