The Official Follow Up

So, I’m back with another blog. I do realise that the previous one ( was lacking a decent name and so I took it upon myself (again) to bring it to a professional state. I had plans of making my own CMS but again I realised that I’d have to hit up AngularJs and some more alpha type stuff to make it look like a decent CMS. Plus due to the lack of time, I’ll be using this as my official blog.

Shoutout to Tonal theme as I really love this minimalistic freebie.

Some Updates

Portfolio Polishing

I updated my own portfolio ( The design was left unfinished so I polished it out a bit after recieving some insight and critique from forum boards. I still feel it’s lacking so I’m devising plans to make it look nicer.


Omilos by  id

Introducing Omilos

I’ve made another freebie, Omilos. I thought “Omilos” was greek for “something big” but my greek buddy corrected me once more. Nevertheless, the design is upto the level of being used. IMO it is lacking some design fundamentals and has some flaws but it will get your job done as it’s coded as cleanly possible. If you hire a designer or have some coding skills, you’ll be able to adjust it to your needs.

Demo | Download


Project Extract Cloud

Project.Extract 4

If you’re a CS2D player then you might know what this is, if not then here’s a breif explaination. Project.Extract (including legacy versions 1, 2 & 3) have been downloadable apps which run through your browser with the dependacy of Apache & PHP (WAMP, LAMP). CS2D generates a fair amount of logs files and so I created a PHP Library which would extract useful amounts of information from these logs. And Project.Extract is the visual version of that. The Legacy versions 1-3 only extracted user information and had text based searching.

So a year later, after leveling up multiple times in PHP I realised I could extract so much more. I’ve developed a PHP Library, Log Miner, for it which acts as a core for Project.Extract 4. Both the PHP Library and PE4 are in works. The difference between legacy versions and this is that this has the capability to extract ALOT more from your logs. Every single detail. And the awesome part? It’s both a web based app if you don’t know how to set it up and downloadable which removes limits. I’ll talk more about it once I’m ready to deploy it.

If you’re interested then these are repos you should keep an eye on.

[REPO][PHP Library] Log Miner

[REPO] Project.Extract 4


That’s it for now.


CS2D – Released Stats:Extract 0.3

I haven’t talked about what Stats:Extract is here before. So I’ll introduce it first. S:E, in short, is a PHP library that’s used to parse cs2d’s serverstats.html file & decode&parse cs2d’s userstats.dat file.

CS2D ( servers generate a statistic html page which has the design equivalent to a potato and henceforth this parses the data from it so any web developer would be able to implement it into his own design. The servers also have a userstats.dat which holds player rankings in ENDIAN coded format so it decodes that as well. But that’s not all! It even has the ability to get any server’s real-time data.

The recent update comes with bug fixes, script optimizations and changes. There is nothing now although. It’s been about half a year since the last update and I have a few more plans for the script till  I put it in it’s final state.

The download:
The Github:

And finally, a demo to summarize its potential: