A refreshing look using the same palette

So, I’ve redesigned the portfolio. Sort of. Even re-coded the backhand so it’s OOP that makes actual sense. That’s the gist of it.


It’s been used around a lot since the past year and I thought “why not?”. I made some really simple SVGs that are right-angled triangles to give the edges of containers a padded and – er – better look? THEY LOOK GREAT, and that’s what I believe matters? Okay. In addition, these are vector graphics and are ludicrously small in size. Going to use them more in further projects after I get a good grip on them.



The only reason I’ve started using bootstrap is because of its preset configuration, glyphs and the responsive grids. Oh, the responsive grids – never have I ever made something without spending much time on the frames.



I pat my self for making it look better but I still believe it’s got it’s ways to go before it reaches perfection. The thought of upgrading the current design rather than making a complete new one was really proper choice.



I’m planning a twitter feed and a cool little vertical ‘timeline’ under my bio which would show which programming language/feat I achieved at which year.

I also think that the SVG triangles are a little to large? Not sure, but I’m going to play around with that.


Booty, PHP & I.

Well, what a way to start off. Selecting the brilliance of this name while I address the itch on my butt and take a sip of this lukewarm Lipton tea that’s consistently mixed with the right amount of milk and 5 spoonfuls of sugar. ‘That’s a lot of sugar intake’, you might say, but it fits me right.

Lets start off. I suppose that I should perhaps grace my first post by introducing myself. I’m a procrastinated freak longing sanity web developer. Well, I’m at the start of it, I could say. Not that start either. Maybe I should rephrase that. I’m at the middle of it, perusing any chance of gaining experience points and so on.

What’s the point of telling you this? Oh there is none. I doubt anyone will be reading this but who cares, it’s for the preservance of my own sanity. Therefore the only person who’ll be taking his time to address this would probably be me in the distant future in the same forsaken galaxy not far away, but right under his feet. I don’t even like to proofread, I’m lazy enough to even skip that so I might as just type whatever comes into. Forgive any erroneous grammer, O Future One!

Now, what’s the point in this ludicrous blog? As I said, it is to help me keep my sanity and will in its place. I have to start off somewhere and I do like announcing everything new I do, except I’m an introvert so I’ll be using this fabulous blog powered by wordpress with this randomly simple chosen design which might as well appealed to me a bit. I don’t really like using other’s works therefore I might replace the design somewhat with one of my own when I start dealing with wordpress design when I make one, however, cheers to the designer of this theme for his marvelous work.

I will be posting my minor achievements here and there whenever I feel like it. Therefore since I’m tired of typing now I guess this is the end of my first post.