Jikan Update – September 2018

This update marks a new milestone for Jikan. I am super excited to announce quite a few things.

JikanPHP v2

JikanPHP has the backbone, parser of the Jikan REST service. It does all the parsing. With the help of some amazing contributors, we’ve rewritten JikanPHP. Making it more robust, professional and standard. V2 promises PSR2.

More on usage in the newly written Documentation which is powered by MkDocs – Material – providing a fresh look and better UX over the old documentation.

Lots of new stuff were added, lots of bugs were squashed, lots of effort was put into standard quality coding. There’s just too much to list here! Read more in the changelog.

Jikan REST Service

JikanREST has broke through an amazing mount of milestones. We’ve been getting over 3 million requests weekly! That’s no joke, behold the stats below.

Screenshot from 2018-08-30 05-47-51.png

That’s on average ~12,000 requests hourly, ~280,000 requests daily.

Service Improvements

Matsujo Hibiki, Jikan’s hosting sponsor has equipped the server with dual load balancers for fetching fresh requests and a master server that handles any cache. This means ZERO rate limiting from MyAnimeList and a 100% uptime service!

Jikan REST v3.0

I’ve extremely excited to announce JikanREST v3! Let’s go over a few of the many improvements.

Open Source

The entire codebase is open source and anyone can set up their own JikanREST instance!

No more Daily Limits!

That’s right! Daily limits of 5,000 requests per IP has been removed!

In return a much better throttling middleware has been introduced.

  • Cached requests are NOT throttled/counted against your limit
  • Clients can make upto 30 requests / minute
  • Clients can make upto 2 concurrent requests / second

That’s the limit over at api.jikan.moe. Obviously, if you’re hosting the instance, you can reconfigure these values, even remove them.

JikanREST v2.2 “Extended Requests” Depreciation Notice

In support of some things such as Jikan no longer utilizing ‘extended requests’ (due to performance issues and rather standing the endpoints as separate endpoints for JikanREST v3);

“Extended Requests” will depreciate on January, 1st 2019.

Developers are encouraged to start using api.jikan.moe/v3 ASAP.

That’s all for now folks.

Oh, we have a discord community set up! Come say hello!


CS2D – Released Stats:Extract 0.3

I haven’t talked about what Stats:Extract is here before. So I’ll introduce it first. S:E, in short, is a PHP library that’s used to parse cs2d’s serverstats.html file & decode&parse cs2d’s userstats.dat file.

CS2D (http://cs2d.com) servers generate a statistic html page which has the design equivalent to a potato and henceforth this parses the data from it so any web developer would be able to implement it into his own design. The servers also have a userstats.dat which holds player rankings in ENDIAN coded format so it decodes that as well. But that’s not all! It even has the ability to get any server’s real-time data.

The recent update comes with bug fixes, script optimizations and changes. There is nothing now although. It’s been about half a year since the last update and I have a few more plans for the script till  I put it in it’s final state.

The download: http://www.unrealsoftware.de/files_show.php?file=16081
The Github: https://github.com/irfan-dahir/stats-extract

And finally, a demo to summarize its potential: http://irfandahir.com/stats-extract/

Enter Portfolio

I’ve had this project almost completed sitting in my hard drive since the past few months. All I had left was the mobile responsivity to do so I decided to wrap this up and we are with a hastily done cover photo to show you what it’s made of. Please spare me regrading how bad it is. I suck at GIMP/Photoshop stuff. Couldn’t do more than grab a few mockups, print screen and crop&resize the pictures in. Damn, that’s shameful. I’ll be using these types of shameful mockups in the future as well, please bare it until I level up or something.


I’ve been re-working my website since the past week. Re-did the front & back end. Got really creative. No. Not with the design, with the code. Makes me question myself at times but Object orientated programming can turn into a muck if you get too creative. The design is almost the same thing except with a css based grid & better responsivity. While re-doing the – wait this post isn’t about my website. :/


Ehm – I made a design which was downloadable with my lacking skills called last year. It was called “Portfolio”. It was honestly shit. But that shit has now turned into something beautiful. Because this is Portfolio *Remastered*. In the eyes of the professionals this might be shit too but according to my eyes in this plain of the 5th dimensional layer, this looks great for public release.

And so, while I flick a tear off, I announce my very first “professional” public HTML5 template which can be used by anyone & anywhere. The only copyrights its got other than mines are the awesome stock photos, an awesome font & the fontawesome (that’s actually the name of the icon set, so no punwun intended).


Portfolio is a possible design for the photographers, artists, designers (and so on) out there. It has three different types of “boxes” in the ‘Recent Works’ container. I pulled out a few sketches on this one and this seemed by far the best design. They’re usually called “Cards”. It’s a known concept design that I’d love to integrate.

Anyways, I might release another design one day which would be of the same concept but with a more minimalistic design (the ideas spurring are endless!).


Release? Very very soon! It’ll be the first design post once I finish the new projects container on my website.

Free? Ofcourse. You’ll be able to directly view or download it.

the beginning.

I’ve finally got my own domain registered. It’s irfandahir.com. I’m still using freehost, just linked the name-servers. I wouldn’t need more for my own portfolio so a freehost works well.

I’ve done some updates. The website is now more interactive. Every single effect, apart from the fade-ins in the intro-panel at the top is done with pure CSS3, especially the new Project Viewer. CSS3 animation transitions are epic and I’m currently doing my work around with them.

For example, this is the header on hover. Those are two borders wrapped around the “r” and “f”. And the “” expand on hover as well. There are some alpha transitions as well. I did experiment around and this was the final result that looked appealing. It’s only available on the desktop mode however.

Here is the new projects viewer. The background of the boxes is the average color extracted from the image itself. On hover it displays the preview and download links(if there are any). The transition effect itself is pretty slick. I’ve been working with rotated boxes transformed boxes for it.
The old project viewer is still available as well. You can choose which one you’d wish to use from the little button on the top right of the project viewer. It was a bit of a hassle but I managed to get it done in pure CSS3. The new project viewer is default on desktops. However the old project viewer is the default and only one available on tablets. It’s a bit different for phones tho. The phone version has a horizontal slider for it. It’s a minimized version of the new project viewer.

I’ve minimalised the “about me” context a bit more. Although I’ve not shown most of the skillsets here but I’m planning to replace it with doughnut charts instead. It’d rather look more appealing. I’ll do that with CSS3 transform too.

The contact section has minor changes. I’ve changed the “You can only contact me once per day” text to the following with a link to my email if you press it so. The only reason for this is because since I’m getting host on a free account, the limit for daily directly emailing someone is around 15. And abusing it results in an account lockdown. Therefore I had to resort to putting up a database for it. After doing so I was met by bot advertisement spams so I decided to further lock it down. And I haven’t gotten a single bot message since then. So I’ve got that thing going for me. o.x

This is fairly pretty much it for now. I’m working on a few other client projects so I’ll update on those when I’m done with them.

the #hype for my own domain. yaaaaayyyyyyyyy. ;0


Migrating towards Ubuntu

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post. Which was infact about me working on a CMS. To be quite frank I sort of ditched that project, for now. Lots happened, one would be ditching windows xp (well, it’s still installed side-by-side with ubuntu) and fetching a developer’s based OS. All I can say is that Ubuntu is perfect.

It’s 5.21 in the morning and I’m still managing with new additions. So, what’s this post about? Well first off, it’s a fangirling post and second off, some new stuff I had to adapt to as a web developer.

Screenshot from 2015-09-25 05:12:46

This is one of the projects I’ve been working on. It is quite bigger than my CMS project. Rather than storing the theme links and information in configuration files and parsing it from there, this is directly done from the database via mySQLi.

A thing about Ubuntu I love is the mass amount of virtual desktops you can create. See all those tabs in the task bar? They’re all OPEN. Except on a different desktop. I can switch desktops easily as Alt + (left/right or mouse scroll).

Another best thing is the light weight LXQT Desktop feature. It’s still in alpha phase as of my writing but it’s still modifiable and I’ll be using this forever probably. Note: I’m running on an old potato with 512mb ram with these features. I’m quite amazed. This is probably the most normal reaction for a windows -> ubuntu migrating individual.

Instead of using phpmyadmin, I’ve taken a step forward and am doing mostly everything from bash command line. It’s easy to adapt to and quite fun.

One thing I had to adapt to was file paths and the permissions stuff. They’re easy once you get to understand them but one thing with requiring/including files in PHP is that you have to do them from the base.

You can’t include a file like this: <?php require ‘core/framework.php’ ?>

It’s more like this: <?php require ‘/var/www/project_folder/core/framework.php’ ?>

Well, I’m sure there are other ways and hacks for this but I’ll probably learn them later. o.o

Screenshot from 2015-09-25 05:14:43Well, I suppose that’s it for now. I’ll be writing soon regarding the project I am working on and my newly achievements on it sooner or later (it’s huge ;-;).

Portfolio Update

Well, it has been a while since my last update due to some unforeseen circumstances (laptop got #rekt lol). This shall be my first update since then. The way my portfolio was currently was the epitome of a mess. Fonts lingering over 3~ MB in download size which were killing the user’s bandwidth as well as some parts of the design being a bit off. And of course, some backhand left un-done.

In the time being of a few hours I managed to re-gift the portfolio a sense of design and patched up some ends. I still haven’t worked on the administration panel, but who cares about that, it’s not like anyone else other than me requires it.

Some design changes included the navigational area as well as the fixed avatar of myself I had. That and the introduction area. I removed that and added a context of my awesome name with a crap ton of padding plus a slide down link towards the portfolio.


The portfolio was already almost finished last time. This time I just added a better download backhand to keep track of download hits as well as the counter showing in on the button. The icons are now to the left of the text.


The ‘About Me’ section is pretty much the same, except I increased the percentage in my visual skill set levels. lawl

Other than that I pondered a good 20 minutes on the submit button for the contact area. The button style was making me cringe so I suppose this one might as well be ‘The One’ currently…hopefully.

I suppose that’s it.
Oh, did I mention I got a new theme for Sublime Text? I swear this makes everything I write significantly even more beautiful. *~*